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阿莱rgy & Asthma Network is a trusted authority focused on providing practical, evidence-based and medically reviewed health information about asthma, allergies and related conditions. We invite members of the news media and bloggers to contact us to assist with your stories.
We can arrange interviews with Network’s spokespersons, including our CEO, prominent researchers, board-certified allergists and immunologists, patient advocates, and individuals and families impacted by allergies, asthma or related conditions.

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Gary Fitzgerald, Senior Editor and Communications Strategist
[email protected]

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Eczema and Exercise

Learn the importance of preparing your skin before, during and after exercise to help reduce the risk of eczema flare-ups and keep your skin healthy.

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Journalists may use the Network’s shareable images found throughout our website. If you would like to use our logo, please contactGary Fitzgerald at[email protected]or 703-641-9595

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